Oops, THAT went Viral – This, “Teenage Fever Dream” Vintage-Style Short Film is Even Better

Hello, Beloved Visitors,

So, this is cool as sno-Cones director, Eddie O’Keefe’s, amazing “Teenage Fever Dream” short-film. It’s very un-ironic Rockabilly, lo-fi, Old-School High School, ’50’s / 1960’s, PSA, vintage “Reefer-Madness!” style, Good Old-Fashioned American Dream Gone Awry Amazing. You know….That.

If you like Grease, American Graffiti, The original Hairspray, The Outsiders’ ~ John Waters, Tim Burton, Tarantino, Kubrik and you miss this thing, then you’re bonkers. Hear that? Bonkers.

You may recognize the name, “Eddie O’Keefe,” from The Supermodel Graveyard’s most recent post, JJamz’ music video – The High School Murder Mystery mini movie, “Heartbeat.” Well, as in the case of our sister site Styleyedolize‘s Goyte posting of a song that went completely beserk viral and left our ears bleeding in Barnes and Nobles everywhere (Somebody that I Used to Know – as we ALL know, by now) “Heartbeat,” has been picked up by a little shop called Express by The Limited and now plays intermittently with, “The Jersey Shore,” on MTV. I discovered this last night when the evil-doers next door had the show blaring – and the still-glorious beats crept over into my lair during commercial breaks…I heard JJamz three times in thirty minutes. Not from this blog. Not pretty. Still an awesome song, but it’s the visuals which got us, and divorced from the creepy story line…well, it sounds like something that might play in a mall near you – At an Express Store. Um, no thank you.
When we post something that goes a bit viral, we feel that we owe it to you to give you something extra special, and a little weirder than the first go-round to make it up to the visitors of The Supermodel Graveyard. Thank you for being strange with us, thank you for bringing your flowers to the ground….Now, let’s take this wild ride for a drive.


Bunny Cord

The Supermodel Graveyard and The Electric Snow Show

PS: Please visit Animal Circus Bezerkus’ Blog for links on how to help the missing and hurt animals of Hurricane Sandy

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