Sigur Ros and Elle Fanning Come up with a Magical Mystery Tour in A New Vimeo Experiment

Yes, Yes…It’s the time-tested trial and tribulation of  fragile pixie girl vs her Father’s self-destruction in a small, Western town – But it’s so beautifully shot that the entrenched tropes don’t ruin it – Instead, the mini-film breathes new life into these tales and they soar – loneliness, redemption, hope….This a mesmerizing, beautiful jaunt through SPACE and time…Emotion, love, the ties that bind….It’s touching and freeing. You’ll See – “Leaning Towards Solace,” by Floria Sugusmondi – Quad Productions.

Love Bunny Cord and The Supermodel Graveyard

Leaning Towards Solace from Sigur Rós Valtari Mystery Films on Vimeo.

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